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Governor Kemp Orders COVID-19 Medical Malpractice Immunity

How Does Medical Malpractice Immunity Affect Victims?

At Tate Law Group, we have dedicated our lives to representing victims of negligence and wrongdoing, including within the medical community. Although we support the valiant efforts of our first responders and medical professionals in fighting COVID-19 on the front lines, medical malpractice is also much more common in this country than most people in this country realize – and by issuing an executive order to immunize all medical personnel from COVID-19 liability, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp may be directly threatening the safety of the most vulnerable.

As Attorney Mark Tate discusses in the video below, this order applies to all medical practitioners and healthcare staff members, and most alarmingly, it is not only limited to those who care for COVID-19. At this time, our legal team is one of the few firms still accepting cases of medical malpractice and nursing home malpractice and fighting for victims. We encourage everyone to take a moment and watch the video below, and to contact us right away if they have a claim.

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