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Crosswalk Accidents

Savannah Crosswalk Accident Attorneys

Fight for the Rights of Injured Pedestrians Across Georgia

If you are hit by a car while traversing the roadway in a crosswalk, the law is on your side. Georgia statutes are very particular in the way they handle pedestrian safety and have special rules for both drivers and pedestrians.

While the at-fault driver may walk away from the accident without a scratch, the injured pedestrian is often left with life-changing injuries that can require surgery, extended hospital stays, and long-term physical therapy.

At Tate Law Group, LLC, we understand the physical and emotional trauma you are going through and are here to provide you with experienced legal counsel. Even if you think you might be at fault, tell us about your pedestrian accident at (912) 234-3030.

Rules to Follow as a Pedestrian

In the event that a driver caused your car-pedestrian accident, your behavior as a pedestrian may still be examined by the court.

To have the right-of-way as a pedestrian in Georgia, you must:

  • Enter the roadway under safe conditions
  • Avoid walking or running into the path of a vehicle
  • Use a pedestrian tunnel or overhead crossing whenever available
  • Cross only in marked crosswalks
  • Refrain from crossing diagonally unless it is condoned by official traffic devices
  • Follow pedestrian control signals

While the law does not specifically address texting while crossing, or walking under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, these factors can also be used against you during a lawsuit.

Defense attorneys frequently try to blame victims in order to get their negligent clients off the hook. That’s why our attorneys are dedicated to your best interests, and why we protect your case by redirecting fault and liability to the responsible party: the car that hit you.

Drivers Must Follow Rules, Too

If you made a mistake while crossing in the crosswalk, don’t despair. Your case is far from over because the driver of the vehicle likely violated the law, as well.

In Georgia, drivers must:

  • Stop and remain stopped while pedestrians cross in a crosswalk on the half of the roadway on which their vehicle is traveling
  • Avoid overtaking and passing a car that is stopped while yielding to a pedestrian
  • Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at intersections, even during a green light
  • Stop before crossing the sidewalk near an alley, driveway, or building

Essentially, drivers must not collide with, cut-off, squeeze by, or drive around pedestrians in a crosswalk, nor cars that are waiting for pedestrians. If they do so, our firm can help you hold them liable. 

Why the Law Favors Pedestrians

If both the driver and the person crossing the street broke a law, the court will likely rule in favor of the pedestrian. While you may have to accept partial liability, the driver who hit you will almost always remain responsible for your injuries.

This is because pedestrians are more vulnerable in collisions with automobiles. Without the protective capabilities of a car, people on the street absorb the impact of the crash with their bodies alone. The shock of a car accident can cause serious injuries or death for pedestrians while leaving the driver relatively unscathed.

As such, it is generally assumed that drivers have a higher “duty of care” to pedestrians. Some states define this duty explicitly, but Georgia is notoriously behind in pedestrian safety.

Showing the driver violated their implicit duty of care towards you as a pedestrian can help us prove negligence, and help you win your case.

“What If I Truly Did Nothing Wrong?”

If you were crossing the road legally and safely, and we are able to prove this as fact, the driver who hit you will have to accept 100% liability for the accident and any injuries you incurred.

Our firm will fully investigate your accident, search for witnesses, retain traffic-safety experts, and do anything we can to legally and ethically win your case.

Like we said: if you were hit in a crosswalk, the law is on your side – and we are too!

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