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What Are Never Events?

"Never events" are serious, preventable patient safety incidents that should not occur if the available preventive measures are implemented. They are defined as adverse events resulting in death or serious harm to patients which could have been reasonably prevented. While never events are rare, they can have serious consequences for patients, including permanent disability and death. Most healthcare organizations have systems and procedures in place to prevent never events from occurring, but they still happen with some frequency.

Wrong Body Part

Surgery is a delicate process that requires a high level of skill and training. Unfortunately, even the most experienced surgeons make mistakes, which can have severe consequences for patients. One of the most serious errors that can be made during surgery is performing the wrong procedure on the wrong body part. This type of error can lead to significant physical pain and suffering and emotional trauma. It may even be necessary to undergo additional surgeries to correct the mistake in some cases.

Leaving Foreign Objects

During surgery, medical staff must take great care to ensure that all instruments and other items are accounted for. This is because it is possible for items to be left inside a patient's body during surgery. While this may seem like a rare event, it happens occasionally.

Mistaken Patient

Surgery on the wrong patient is a preventable medical error that can have devastating consequences. In some cases, surgeons may perform the incorrect procedure on the wrong patient, resulting in irreversible damage or death. In other cases, patients may receive the wrong surgery due to a miscommunication between the surgeon and the operating room staff. While this type of error is relatively rare, it highlights the importance of communication and coordination between all surgical team members.

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