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The Dangerous Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery can be a highly effective way to improve one's appearance and self-esteem. In many cases, it can also be medically necessary. For example, people who have lost significant weight may need cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin. Others may need surgery to correct birth defects or injuries. Still, others may choose to have surgery for purely aesthetic reasons.

The Risks of Plastic Surgery

InĀ a review of 26,032 cosmetic surgeries, complications arose in 203 cases. At a rate of 0.78 percent, the general consensus is that plastic surgery is a safe procedure. As with any surgery, however, there can be dangerous complications such as:

  • Infection.
  • Organ Damage.
  • Scarring.
  • Anesthesia Risks.


Infections can occur at the site of the incision, in the tissues around the incision, or in the internal organs. The symptoms of an infection depend on the location but can include fever, chills, redness and swelling at the incision site, pain, and drainage from the incision. If not treated promptly, an infection can lead to sepsis, which is a potentially life-threatening condition.

Organ Damage

While some procedures are relatively safe, others, such as liposuction, can pose serious risks. Organ damage can occur when the surgeon makes an incision in the wrong place, nicks an organ, or applies too much pressure during the procedure. Organ damage can lead to significant blood loss, infection, and even death.


There is always the potential for scarring when undergoing any surgery, but this risk is perhaps greatest with cosmetic surgery. Because these procedures are often performed on delicate areas of the body, such as the face, neck, or breasts, even small scars can be highly visible.

Anesthesia Risks

Complications from anesthesia are a risk associated with any surgery or procedure that requires anesthesia. While most people tolerate anesthesia without any problems, some may experience complications, ranging from mild to severe. Because anesthesia is required for most surgeries, you are always placing yourself at risk when opting for elective plastic surgery.

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