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Dispelling Myths About Police Brutality: Why We Need Reform

Over 25 years of fighting for the injured in Georgia & nationwide

Offering Solutions for Better Policing in America

For more than 30 years, our attorneys at Tate Law Group have been fighting against injustice in all forms – and in many cases, we’ve borne witness to the brutality and lack of discipline that is unfortunately all too common at police precincts across the country. While many have attempted to discredit the current Black Lives Matter protests and ignore the facts, the reality is that these protests are a direct response to the problems in our policing system.

In the video below, our attorney and managing partner Mark Tate explains these facts and discusses how the current system allows many officers to get away with unjust or even criminal actions. Although we completely support the use of proper police tactics, Tate Law Group has a long history of standing up to police officers who do abuse this power. In addition to dispelling common myths, Mark also discusses reform solutions that could help to end the problem.

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