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Truck Accidents

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Tate Law Group, LLC has successfully represented numerous victims of truck accidents throughout Georgia. We gather evidence to determine the cause of the accident and pursue valid claims against negligent trucking companies and drivers who cause injury to innocent victims.

The sheer size of a tractor-trailer makes the outcome of a collision with a smaller vehicle incredibly devastating. Nationally, a collision between a truck and a car is ten times more likely to result in a fatality than a crash between two passenger vehicles. If you have been catastrophically injured in a truck accident in Savannah or elsewhere in Georgia, it is critical to get proper legal representation if you are seeking a settlement.

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Common Causes of Tractor-Trailer Collisions

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were over 1,953 fatalities in large truck crashes throughout Georgia during a 10-year period. Although tractor-trailer crashes don’t always result in a fatality, they result in catastrophic injuries far more often than a standard motor vehicle accident. There are many possible causes for a large truck to crash, but according to the Large Truck Crash Causation Study performed by the FMCSA in 2007, the majority of these accidents are caused by driver error.

Based on that study, these are some of the top driver-related causes of large truck accidents:

  • Speeding, or travelling too fast for weather conditions
  • Prescription and over-the-counter drug abuse
  • Brake problems and other maintenance issues
  • Failing to stop in time before a crosswalk or traffic control device
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Roadway problems and obstacles

How Does Truck Driver Fatigue Cause Accidents?

Of all driver-related errors, truck driver fatigue is one of the most deadly – and common. Truck drivers work incredibly long hours driving cargo across the country. They are on strict deadlines to get their freight to where it is going, and as a result, they drive for several hours at a time without stopping for rest and recovery. This physical and mental strain can severely impact these drivers, resulting in slower reaction times or even falling asleep at the wheel. When this happens, it is often disastrous.

There are several state and federal laws that force truck drivers to take breaks to avoid exhaustion. These “hours of service” (HOS) policies include:

  • Resting for 34 consecutive hours during a 70-hour work week
  • Driving for no more than 70 hours in 8 consecutive days
  • Driving a maximum of 11 hours during a 14-hour workday, followed by a 10 hour resting period
  • Refraining from alcohol and mind-altering substances for a minimum of 8 hours prior to driving
  • Maintaining a log book of all time spent working and time behind the wheel

Unfortunately, due to pressure from employers to meet tight deadlines, truck drivers often violate these regulations. Multiple fatalities have occurred in and around Savannah over the past several years that were caused by tractor-trailer driver error.

While no sum of money can bring back a loved one, a monetary award is the only way civil law can recognize the value of the victim’s life, compensate for the death and subsequent losses, and penalize the party or parties at fault. When tragedy strikes, we will always do our best to get justice for your loss in the eyes of the law.

Determining Liability in a Truck Accident

In a large truck accident, the driver may not be the only party responsible for your injuries, especially if they were pressured to violate hours of service regulations. Because most of the large trucks in the United States are leased out to larger companies throughout the year, there could be multiple companies and individuals involved in your case. While it may be more difficult to prove that a trucking company contributed to your losses, your attorney should explore all possible legal avenues for recovery and perform an in-depth investigation into the accident.

Depending on the nature of your crash, any of the following parties could be partially or fully liable for your injuries:

  • The truck driver
  • The truck owner
  • A large truck carrier company
  • Another driver on the road
  • The truck manufacturer
  • Truck repair and maintenance specialists

What Types of Compensation Are Available to Truck Accident Victims?

When you’ve been injured in a large truck accident, you could be facing years of medical expenses, long-term care costs, and lost wages. By filing a personal injury claim, accident victims can seek specific “damages” that cover these needs and take the form of monetary compensation.

Damages can and should account for your:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of quality of life
  • Lost wages and earning capacity
  • Lifetime medical costs
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Disabilities
  • Emotional pain and suffering

The Trucking Company vs. You (And Us!)

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured a truck accident, you need the help of experienced legal counsel. The trucking companies have their own litigation teams and agents who go to the accident site, interview the injured, gather evidence, and begin building a defense. Do not attempt to “go it alone.”

Your future is in the balance. At Tate Law Group, LLC, we work with teams of researchers to do our own evidence collection and witness interviews. We want to make sure all of the facts are presented in every case and are not afraid to go up against big trucking companies when they are at fault.

If you have been involved in a tractor-trailer collision, contact the experienced truck accident lawyers at Tate Law Group, LLC in Savannah today. You can reach us at (912) 234-3030.

Successful Verdicts & Settlements

Millions of Dollars Recovered for the Injured
  • Tractor Trailer Injury $19,000,000
  • Nationwide Pharmaceutical Liability Resolution $18,000,000
  • Georgia Industrial Disaster Recovery $13,100,000
  • Chatham County Jury Verdict $10,000,000
  • Nationwide Pharmaceutical Liability Resolution $5,000,000
  • Nationwide Pharmaceutical Liability Resolution $5,000,000
  • Medical Malpractice Verdict $3,900,000
  • Personal Injury Involving Traumatic Brain Injuries $2,300,000
  • Maine Wrongful Death Recovery $2,200,000
  • Florida Wrongful Death Recovery $2,100,000

Truck Accident FAQs

  • Q:What Is the Statute of Limitations on Truck Accident Claims?

    A:There is a limited amount of time after any accident to file a lawsuit. In the state of Georgia, you have 2 years after the date of your commercial truck accident to file a claim.

  • Q:Will I Always Receive Compensation in a “Jackknife” Truck Accident?

    A:Tractor-trailers can jackknife for multiple reasons that are not always tied to operator negligence, including severe weather conditions. If you were involved in a jackknife truck accident, it’s important to review your case with a qualified attorney.

  • Q:What Is Considered a Commercial Truck?

    A:A commercial truck can be any vehicle that is used for the transportation of goods. Semi-trucks and big-rigs are the most common, but the term also applies to delivery vehicles, tow-trucks, and buses.

  • Q:Why Are Truck Accidents Different From Car Accidents?

    A:Truck accident and car accident cases are handled differently for two main reasons: the severity of damages and the types of insurance involved. There are also federal regulations for truck drivers and trucking companies that are separate from regular traffic laws.

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