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Tragic Incident Sparks Lawsuit: Tate Law Group Represents Family Seeking Justice

In a heartbreaking case, a Georgia family is seeking justice after their son, Kaleel Clarke, was tragically shot and killed on the campus of Savannah State University (SSU) in 2018. Tate Law Group is representing the Clarke family in a lawsuit against Savannah State University Foundation Real Estate Ventures LLC (SSUFREV), a separate entity from SSU.

The lawsuit, filed in 2020, centers around the events at University Commons, a property owned by SSUFREV. According to Mark Tate, the attorney for the Clarke family, Kaleel was visiting someone on campus when he was fatally shot by another visitor.

The Clarke family's lawsuit alleges that SSUFREV failed to provide adequate safety measures and did not sufficiently warn tenants and visitors about the criminal activity in the area. "This case is about more than just the value of Kaleel Clarke's life; it's about addressing the safety concerns at this campus," stated Mark Tate.

In their defense, SSUFREV initially denied many of the allegations, claiming they were not liable for Clarke's death. However, recent court filings revealed that SSUFREV's legal team missed critical deadlines and failed to meet certain legal requirements, leading the judge to issue sanctions and strike their answer. This means that SSUFREV can no longer contest liability in the case.

The court has now ordered mediation as a step towards dispute resolution. "If mediation fails, the Clarkes are prepared to go to trial to have a jury determine the value of their son's life," said Tate. The family believes that a jury trial will be a significant measure of justice for Kaleel.

Despite not being involved in the lawsuit, SSU declined to comment on the ongoing litigation. Attempts to reach SSUFREV's attorneys for a statement have also been unsuccessful. However, in a recent filing, SSUFREV argued that the plaintiffs are not entitled to a jury trial and insisted they should still be able to contest their liability.

Tate Law Group remains committed to seeking justice for the Clarke family and ensuring that the circumstances leading to Kaleel Clarke's death are thoroughly examined and addressed.