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Tate Law Group, LLC Stands Against Clergy Sexual Abuse

We Believe Sexual Abuse Survivors, and We Fight for Their Justice

Church leaders are often regarded as trustworthy and ethical figures in our society; unfortunately, this reputation is not always warranted. Many victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy members or other types of church leaders have come out in recent years to seek justice in light of the terrible traumas they were subjected to. Tate Law Group, LLC is proud to stand up and fight for these sexual abuse survivors.

We are committed to upholding high ethical standards and fighting for wronged individuals; we know how vulnerable children can be, and we will not sit by silently while they are horrifically abused by people in power. Our caring lawyers provide compassionate legal counsel to our clients throughout the legal process. As a result, we have won millions of dollars for survivors and helped them move on with their lives.

Past Successes Handling Clergy Sex Abuse Cases

In 2018, Tate Law Group’s fight on behalf of Chris Templeton was deemed successful. As a 13-year-old Georgian boy in 8th grade, Chris was horrifically raped more than 60 times by two Catholic priests. For years, Chris buried this trauma deep within himself, as many child sex abuse survivors do. However, this trauma still negatively affected him every day of his life, boiling beneath the surface. When the terrifying memories finally flooded back to Chris, he knew he had to stand up for himself in order to prevent other children from suffering the same trauma.

The issue is, standing up against sex abusers can be extremely intimidating. Survivors often refrain from stepping forward because they fear retaliation, deal with feelings of terrible shame, or worry that no one will believe them. At Tate Law Group, LLC, it is our mission to stand by sexual assault survivors, believing their stories and empowering them to fight against those who hurt them.

Tate Law Group, LLC represented Chris in his case against the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charleston. We dedicated our award-winning legal skills to relentlessly fight against the priests who severely harmed Chris when he was just a young boy. We successfully brought the case to a favorable resolution for Chris. With our help, he was finally able to get the closure he needed, knowing that no other children would be preyed upon by the same priests in the future.

If You Need Someone to Fight for You, Tate Law Group, LLC Can Help

We know how intimidating and frightening it can be to speak out about sexual abuse, but you do not have to do it alone. Tate Law Group, LLC has more than 30 years of legal experience fighting for wronged individuals, including in clergy abuse cases. We have received much acclaim from renowned organizations, such as the National Trial Lawyers and Martindale-Hubbell®, for our fearless legal representation and integrity.

It is vital to speak to a lawyer immediately, as each state has a different statute of limitations for sexual assault claims. Once the statute of limitations expires, survivors will not be able to file a suit against their abuser. In the state of Georgia, these statutes can be as short as two years from the time of the abuse. Let us stand by your side in your pursuit for justice.

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