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Attorney Mark Tate Featured on Crime Stories with Nancy Grace

Over 25 years of fighting for the injured in Georgia & nationwide

As a nationally-acclaimed trial lawyer with over two decades of experience in corporate defense and civil litigation, Attorney Mark Tate is regularly asked to share his thoughts on crucial cases, as well as his insights into the trial process. Recently, Mark was invited to join famed legal commentator Nancy Grace on her latest podcast, Crime Stories with Nancy Grace, to discuss a controversial case involving a “serial killer” doctor.

Titled “Serial Killer Doctor,” the episode aired on February 3rd and featured a range of medical and investigative experts. According to reports, Dr. William Husel allegedly prescribed lethal doses of fentanyl to at least 34 patients – but he was only charged with the murders of 25 people. While discussing the value of keeping a criminal prosecution as streamlined as possible, Nancy Grace asked Mark to weigh in from the civil law perspective.

“If a prosecutor brings a case for which there is insufficient evidence to get a conviction, and they have other cases against the same defendant where there is fantastic evidence [and] you will clearly get a conviction, I think it’s completely acceptable as it is in civil cases,” Mark said. “We, on the civil side, prefer to have cases that are extremely specific, well put-together, and can absolutely pierce the heart of your plea.”

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