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The Right Way To Handle A Car Accident Claim

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Car accident lawyers Savannah GA: Should someone in the state of Georgia be involved in a vehicle crash; it’s important they know how the state’s laws apply in their case. This will help them with understanding the process they are facing. A number of factors will determine who is responsible for providing compensation in a car accident. Your Savannah GA car accident lawyers can fill you in.


The law in Georgia recognizes different levels of fault when it comes to determining responsibility for a car accident. Negligence is conduct that is determined to be careless and causes harm or damage to another person. There is also a common cause. This could be considered someone running a red light, a stop sign, and more. Strict liability would involve knowingly driving a defective vehicle, transporting dangerous chemicals, and more. Intentional misconduct could be when someone is driving while drunk or suffering the effects of an illegal substance and more.

Comparative Fault State

Georgia is a comparative fault state when it comes to receiving compensation for damages and injuries. This means a person could be determined to be 90 percent at fault for an accident, and the other driver 10 percent at fault. Should a $100,000 award be given, each would receive an amount based on the fault assigned to them. One person would get $90,000 minus $10,000 representing the 10 percent fault they were assigned for the accident.

Statute of Limitations

This is the amount of time a person has from their vehicle accident to file a claim or lawsuit. The statute of limitations applies to all personal injury cases involving injuries filed in the Georgia civil court system. The statute of limitations in Georgia for vehicle accidents is two years. The time begins on the date of a person’s accident or whenever they experience an injury.

After A Car Accident

When a person is involved in a vehicle accident; they often panic and don’t know what to do next. Emotions are high, and it is a struggle to remember what needs to be done. A person should remain at the accident scene and not try to leave. A person needs to check themselves for injuries and if possible, check others for injuries. Call 9-1-1 if it is possible and necessary. Collect contact information from people involved in the accident as well as possible witnesses. Taking photos could also help with a possible future insurance claim. The next step is to file a claim with an insurance company and contact an experienced attorney to discuss the details of the accident.

Car Accident Lawyers: Determining Percentage of Fault

After a car accident, an insurance claims adjuster will gather information about the accident and assign a percentage of fault. There is no legal formula used to determine percentages of fault in accidents that involve injuries. Once a claims adjuster has determined a percentage of fault, it can be negotiated. A person filing a claim can challenge the percentage. An experienced car accident law firm will have the best chance of success.

Legal Strategy

Unless a person has a background in dealing with insurance claims, they should contact an experienced attorney to handle their case. These legal professionals will know how to gather all the facts associated with a claim and develop an effective legal strategy to obtain the best possible result. Determining a properly calculated and justified amount of compensation is essential. Once this is established, an attorney will look at the settlement offer from an insurance company. This is when negotiations begin. If an agreement cannot be reached, an attorney will know if it is a good idea to move forward with a lawsuit. They will also know how to present their client’s case in court to obtain an acceptable decision.

It is important for people to realize there are many things that will be coming their way after a car accident. Insurance companies are dedicated to paying the lowest possible amount for each claim made against their policy. Car accident lawyers in Savannah GA  know how insurance companies approach claims. They will know what is necessary for a person to get a settlement that is fair and meets their needs.