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Attorney Mark Tate Invited onto Crime Stories with Nancy Grace Again

As a renowned personal injury attorney and fearless civil litigator, our managing partner Mark Tate is often called to share his experience and legal opinions with the public, including for a number of prestigious news publications and media outlets. Most recently, he was invited once again to join famed lawyer and investigator Nancy Grace on her Crime Stories podcast, this time to share an unusual personal story related to the episode topic.

On the recent episode “Mild mannered pharmacist turned fire bomber drug dealer?” which aired on June 16th, 2020, our attorney Mark Tate was asked to weigh in on the shocking case of Hyrum Wilson, a pharmacist who plotted to firebomb a rival to grow his illegal opioid trafficking business online. Hyrum was joined in this alleged criminal action by a man named William Anderson Burgamy IV, who supposedly ran the drug trade on the dark web for Hyrum.

Noting that he had actually met – and even been physically attacked by – the Nebraska pharmacist in a foreign bar a few years ago, Mark said that Wilson had tried to purchase his son’s cigar and threatened him with violence when he refused to sell it. This extraordinary personal story lines up with other accounts that have shown Hyrum Wilson as a man who desperately wanted to project the image of an important drug dealer – and was willing to use violence if his needs and wants were not recognized.

As Nancy mentioned in her introduction, Mark has also been deeply involved in opioid litigation throughout the entire opioid crisis, which has ravaged many vulnerable communities in Georgia and nationwide. No stranger to fighting against big pharmaceutical companies, Mark now has valuable perspective into that world and the true cost of opioids, both those that are sold illegally and those that were engineered and sold by Big Pharma.

Listen to the full podcast episode here, starting at 23:01. To contact us about a potential case, call (912) 333-3915 today.